Short Pieces

Dehors/Dedans, petites formes théâtrales pour CPE, is a research-creation project that was led at the daycare centre CPE Sophie [Centre de la petite enfance] in Quebec City in 2011. Six short theatrical pieces emerged from the project, built for children aged 12 months to 5 years. These were easily transferrable to other childcare centers, and places where children evolve.

The idea: transform daily life by implanting outside worlds inside the daycare centre. Each performance was created within two four-hour development sessions, and featured artists from various disciplines.

These tiny worksites are like seedlings to fully-fledged plays. We created them for many reasons: to discover our audience members, start the creative engine, foster artistic and disciplinary encounters, and spark a connection between art and the children, and their educators, at the heart of their childcare center, where their experiences are formed on a daily basis.