Les Incomplètes


Founded in 2011 in Quebec City, Les Incomplètes is a theatre company focused on research and creation, inspired by pluralism in art. Based on their unique approach, the company produces sensory driven pieces, full of rich imagery, providing audiences with a unique aesthetic experience.

While there is a desire to explore all audiences, the company focuses its research on early childhood, believing that because children are not bound by theatrical codes, they can be free to delve into narratives based largely on image and sense. 

In hopes of creating a social connection and thus enriching their creative process, Les Incomplètes also spearhead cultural action projects, whose aim is to bring the community, the artists and their creative pieces closer together.


Audrey and Laurence are directors and actors. Josiane is a choreographer and contemporary dancer. Together, they envision and create the company’s artistic projects. They work as a collective, devising shows and workshops along with the projects’ other collaborators.

Credits: Emilie Dumais