Faithful contributors


Les Incomplètes’ wonderful world has carved out a place of choice for Philippe.  As a friend, superhero, multi-multidispciplinary artist and handyman, he has shared with us, generously and without fail, his talent and expertise. Video designer, lighting designer, musician, performer, builder of mini miracles, whether they be mechanical, electronic, hardware or software – Philippe is, on the whole, our partner in crime.


We met Pierre Brassard and Marie-Pier Lebeau, as they were taking part in the Sentiers project with their two young boys. Both trained as artisans (woodworking) and visual artists, they swiftly founded their collective, Pierre&Marie, that is centered around installation-based work. We fell in love with them, and them with us. From then on, together, we have spearheaded two exhibitions for early childhood at the MNBAQ, and have many more projects to come.


En 2015, dans le cadre de notre projet Performances poétiques dans l’espace public, nous avons entamé une riche collaboration avec la vidéaste Josiane Roberge, fidèle complice de la compagnie depuis. Josiane se consacre à une pratique artistique alliant images en mouvement et art en action. Pour elle, l’oeuvre réside aussi dans l’expérience de la création. Josiane est une artiste sensible, dont l’esthétique rejoint naturellement la nôtre, qui sait capter des images chargées de sensorialité, d’humanité et de beauté.


Emilie completed a profesionnal degree in delinquency intervention and a professional photography course. She discovered through these fields a great interest for the encounter with the other. Our first collaboration with Emilie was in the context of the Petites formes théâtrales pour CPE project. Since then, we are constantly renewing opportunities to collaborate with her, in love as we are with the humanity and great sensitititivy that drive her artistic vision.