Credit: Émilie Dumais
Credit: Émilie Dumais
Credit: Émilie Dumais
Credit: Émilie Dumais
Credit: Émilie Dumais

Dawn Lullabies

Les berceuses contribuent à l’œuvre de culture et au processus d’humanisation des enfants.

Creative Team

Josiane Bernier, Audrey Marchand and Laurence P Lafaille


Josiane Bernier and Audrey Marchand

Sound design (Gasconha)

Symon Marcoux

Audio performance (Gasconha)
Mériol Lehmann

Sound design / Audio performance (Nutashkuan)
Philippe Lessard Drolet

Sound design / Audio performance (Elsass) 
Mériol Lehmann

Set design : Marie Pier Lebeau

Lights : Philippe Lessard Drolet

Produced by Les Incomplètes, La Ville de Pessac and La Passerelle-Relais culturel de Rixheim.

The Show

Dawn Lullabies is an artistic concept that creates a cozy gathering space incorporating electro-acoustic sounds for infants and toddlers (0 to 2 years old) and their grown-up companions. In this soft and welcoming space, filled with mismatched rocking chairs, children enter an ethereal soundscape that evolves around them, allowing them to explore a musical journey inspired by traditional lullabies.

Drawing from Gascon, Alsacian and Innu lullabies, this series of audio performances offers families the chance to come together and, to the soft rhythm of a rocking chair, to share in a tender and contemplative moment from a child’s point of view. Dawn Lullabies provides us with a gentle moment of art to delight us before we are drawn back to the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

With the voices of Isabelle Loubère (Gascogne), children from the Uauitshitun school, people of the innu community (Natashquan) and Jeff Benignus (Alsace). We thank them warmly for their vital contribution to our research and for their generous offering of lullabies.

Dawn lullabies came to life thanks to residencies at Le Cercle-Lab Vivant (Québec City), Pessac en scènes (Aquitaine), the Innu community and the Uauitshitun school (Natashquan), as well as La Passerelle de Rixheim (Alsace). This project would not have been possible without the help of Mélanie Dumont, associate artistic director, volet Enfance/jeunesse, at the National Arts Centre’s Théâtre français, and of Stefan St-Laurent at Axenéo7 (Gatineau).