Cycle : Cycle of the berceuses
Lieu de diffusion : Public space
Public cible : For all

This walk-through multidisciplinary experience invites the audience to enter the world of lullabies and rocking chairs in an unexpected poetic setting.

The project examines both new and existing material around the Lullaby Cycle, a vast multidisciplinary research-creation initiated in 2015 centered around rocking chairs and the women who rocked and lulled.


Walk-through in the Parc naturel régional de Portneuf

On September 12 and 13, 2020, along the trails of the Parc naturel régional de Portneuf in Saint-Alban, Les Incomplètes offered an escape for the young and not so young. The one-hour poetic experience was both visual and auditory, spoken and sung, sculptural and evocative and departed in groups of 10 people.

This event was made possible through the financial support of the CALQ and the hospitality of the Portneuf MRC and the Parc naturel régional de Portneuf.

Walk-through in the Domaine de Maizerets

Presented on September 18, 19 and 25, 26, the walk-through included sound installations, large-scale photographs, mini concerts, video art, and performances; each station based on Scottish, French, Alsatian, Gascon, Innu, Wendat heritages and traditions. The relation to territories and the encounters made over the years have nourished and continue to nourish the sensitive work of Les Incomplètes.

This event was made possible through the financial support of the CALQ in collaboration with Artéfact urbain, Le Théâtre jeunesse Les Gros Becs and the Centre de la valorisation du Patrimoine Vivant.



Directed by : Josiane Bernier, Audrey Marchand, Laurence P. Lafaille


Logistic Coordinatoe : Artéfact urbain


Photos:  Emilie Dumais, Dorian Rollin et David Bross


Mémoires – Sound installation : Mériol Lehmann, Les Incomplètes, Extraits tirés de La Berçante québécoise de Paul-Louis Martin (1973)


Le village – Sound installation : Mériol Lehmann, Les Incomplètes


L’édifice – Performers : Audrey Marchand, Laurence P Lafaille (Portneuf)
Maude Boutin Saint-Pierre (Domaine de Maizeret)


La famille – Performance: Josiane Bernier, Catherine Lessard, Léopold Lessard


Berceuses (Écosse) – Performance musicale: Jane Ehrhardt



Chaise musicale – Sculpture cinétique performée:


Created by : Philippe Lessard Drolet, Les Incomplètes

Voix: Calypso Lemoine, Rose Lemoine


La marée – Vidéo


Performance: Les Incomplètes

Vidéo: Josiane Roberge


Berceuses – Musical performance : Danya Ortmann et Jasmin Cloutier


CRAC! – Animated short film (15 min.):


Directed by : Frédéric Back

Domaine de Maizeret

La lignée – Video art : Josiane Roberge, Les Incomplètes


Performers : Maude Boutin St-Pierre, Jane Ehrhardt, Mathieu Fecteau, Andrée Levesque Sioui, Anne-Marie Olivier et Sophie Pomerleau