Outside . . .
The sky changes,
The water lives, gleams,
The field rustles.
Everything outside is inspiring.
Everything outside is intriguing.

Inside . . .
A living neighbourhood.
Passers-by, children playing.
Houses, like containers.
What’s inside?
Little houses,
like heads,
filled with sweet reveries
What if Inside there was Outside?
What if we went in and had a look?


Cycle : Others
Lieu de diffusion : Gallery
Public cible : 0-4 years old

The exhibition

An immense house where no one lives? Is that what a museum is?
– Roland Shön

A house, immense yes. Where no one lives? Perhaps not exactly. A museum is a house for works of art, for creation, for artists’ thoughts. A house where the imagination, beauty and contemplation reign. A house where visitors are invited to mix their own reveries with those of the artists whose art is exhibited there. A place brought to life by the trace left there by artists and viewers.



Artistic direction and curation :

Les Incomplètes


Exhibition design :

Marie-Pier Lebeau


Pruction :
Pierre Brassard


Sound conception :

Frédéric Lebrasseur


Outside/Inside is a joint project of the MNBAQ and Les Incomplètes.