Cycle : Cycle of the berceuses
Lieu de diffusion : Gallery
Public cible : For all

The Exhibition

Les Berçantes is a creation project drawing on Le Cycle des Berceuses, a broader multidisciplinary creative research project based on rocking chairs, the women in rocking chairs, and the lullabies they sing. At the heart of this research are themes of memory, transmission, roots, childhood and old age. From these building blocks, we’ve created a body of five sculptural, installation art, photographic, video and/or audio pieces.

The exhibit is aimed at all ages, especially children, with the intent of being a place where generations can come together. By creating immersive or interactive pieces, the young audience member’s senses are engaged, fostering a connection with art that is sensory, playful and intelligent. The child can thus encounter art with her or his entire being, drawing naturally on her or his way of understanding the world.

LES BERÇANTES is coproduced by Productions Recto-Verso and receives support from the Première Ovation-Arts multi program. This project was conceived and created through residencies at Le Cercle-Lab Vivant (Québec), Pessac en scènes (Aquitaine), in the Innu community and Uauitshitun school (Natashquan), as well as La Passerelle de Rixheim (Alsace).



Manège (Merry-go-round), interactive mechanical installation, produced in collaboration with Philippe Lessard Drolet


Cabane (Cabin), immersive sculpture, produced in collaboration with Vincent Hinse


Chaise musicale (Musical Chair) interactive kinetic sculpture, produced in collaboration with Philippe Lessard Drolet


Territoires (Lands), photography triptych, audio installation, produced in collaboration with David Bross (Aquitaine), Emilie Dumais (Natashquan) and Dorian Rollin (Alsace)


La Lignée (Lineage), videography piece, produced in collaboration with Josiane Roberge


Concept and artistic direction:

Audrey Marchand, Laurence P Lafaille and Josiane Bernier


Sound design:

Josiane Bernier (Cabane et Territoires) – (Cabin and Lands)