Cultural action

Cycle : Others
Lieu de diffusion : Gallery
Public cible : 0-4 years old, 4+ years old

LES MERVEILLES is an evolving participatory exhibition conceptualized by a team of artists, integrating children’s production. Stemming from the world of Alice in Wonderland, the exhibition offers four art installations for the child to explore through his or her senses: The reading field, The dressing room, The imagination landscapes and The Chimera Gallery. Each zone is filled with children’s creations, made during art workshops offered over the course of the one-week period La Relâche à la Place des Arts.




Place des Arts



Concept and creation :

Les Incomplètes



Design and production :

Marie-Pier Lebeau



Animation :

Chélanie Beaudin-Quintin and Danièle Simon



Les Merveilles is coproduced by Les Incomplètes and Place des Arts.