From the shore, I wait for you
The horizon
The clouds
The night
Tell me the worst
The birds comfort me.
In the blue of the sky, all the hope in the world.
From the shore, I hope for you
With all by body, with all my heart
My eye, worried
My hands, salt-burned,
My heart, patient
My smile, infinite
Watch for you, hope for you, welcome you


Cycle : Cycle of the fishermen
Lieu de diffusion : Room
Public cible : 0-4 years old

The show

From the shore is a solo without words created for specifically for babies. It is performed by an actor and set in a scenographic space integrating video landscape and soundscape. Grounded in creative research using poetic imagery, this contemplative form explores the figure of the fisherman and its various mythologies through the lens of the fisherman’s wife: an ordinary heroine of a demanding everyday life. It is she who remains in the harbour, maintains the household, the one who lives and survives, dreaming of the great homecoming, yet cherishing her solitude. In an intimate space designed for little ones, coastal landscapes unfold, threaded with the woman’s inner landscape, a day-to-day life filled with hope.

With this piece, Les Incomplètes offer reflections on waiting, solitude and the pain of being away from those we love, capturing the intimate emotional states that all humans experience, from birth onwards.

Creative team


Written and directed by:

Josiane Bernier, Audrey Marchand et Laurence P Lafaille



Annabelle Pelletier Legros ou Sarah Villeneuve-Desjardins


Stage design:

Vano Hotton


Costume design:

Danielle Boutin



Josiane Roberge


Lightning design:

Keven Dubois


Sound design:

Miriane Rouillard


Traditional songs:

Benoît Fortier et Liette Remon