«Dreams are like islands. When we dream, we are alone, it must be that way».
– Jacques Poulin, Volkswagen blues


Cycle : Cycle of the fishermen
Lieu de diffusion : Room
Public cible : 0-4 years old, 4+ years old

Centred around the symbol of the island and drawing from mythologies of the sea, the show is an ode to the creative act, to metamorphosis and to the pleasure of transforming and being transformed.

Navigating in a visual dramaturgy cherished by Les Incomplètes, the spectator is delicately drawn into a universe that is both strange and familiar, very sensorial, inspired by the materials and creatures that strew the coastline and inhabit the sea.

Suggesting escape, solitude or refuge, the island is a metaphor for the imaginary spaces that we build when we are alone, these very intimate inner territories that are the foundation of our creativity.





Salle André Gagnon

Suddenly, islands

  • Lapocatiere
  • November 26th 2023
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Suddenly, islands




Idea and dramaturgy by:

Audrey Marchand, Laurence Petitpas, Laurence P. Lafaille



Directed by:

Audrey Marchand and Laurence P. Lafaille



Visual Artist:

Laurence Petitpas



Visual Artist Assistant:

Claudine Rivest and Aaron Bass



Performance Artist:

Laurence Petitpas



Lighting Designer:

Keven Dubois 



Sound Designer:

Jean-Michel Letendre Veilleux