Deep in the forest,
two little creatures bustle about,
collecting their provisions.
Acorns, pine nuts and mushrooms.
Pebbles, apples and branches,
every item is counted
and tucked away in the burrow’s belly.

The one inventories, rations and studies…
The other writes, ponders, relishes…
Their friendship, peppered with little quibbles,
sews the flow of the seasons.
Yet somehow, something has come between them.


Cycle : Others
Lieu de diffusion : Room
Public cible : 4+ years old

The Show

Can we live without others? What kind of effort does friendship take? How are we to reconcile our differences? Burrow brings the young audience member on the pathway of friendship and living together, in a playful, poetic and wordless theatre experience.

This coproduction has received funding from the Conseil des arts et des Lettres du Québec, the Canada Council for the Arts and the Entente de développement culturel (Ministry of Culture and Communications and Quebec City).



Original idea :

Les Incomplètes


Directed by :

Josiane Bernier et Carol Cassistat


Dramaturgy :

le collectif


Performers :

Audrey Marchand et Laurence P Lafaille


Set and costume design :

Dominique Giguère


Images et vidéo :

Marylin Laflamme et Dominique Giguère


Lighting design:

Caroline Ross


Environnement sonore et musical :

Pascal Robitaille


Menus trésors :

Pascal Robitaille et Philippe Lessard Drolet


Coproduction Théâtre du Gros Mécano et Les Incomplètes