Cycle : Cycle of the berceuses
Lieu de diffusion : Digital
Public cible : 8+ years old

Online experience for young audiences

Our Lullabies is a contemplative and interactive online piece, allowing children from 8 years old to live an innovative multidisciplinary artistic experience, exploring the themes of solitude, transmission, childhood and old age through the symbol of the rocking chair.

With so much wonderful new material still at hand, Les Incomplètes has long had a desire to explore web-based creation for young audiences. The work brings together four stories, four soundscapes and four contemplative videos by female artists, inspired by the four main themes of the Lullaby Cycle.


The centre of collaborative reflections.

Our Lullabies is also a large interdisciplinary research project, which invites contributors from the fields of culture and education, artists, philosophers, and psychologists to reflect together on the ethical and sensible address to children through the digital medium. The project is also accompanied by specialists in the discoverability of online artistic content.

Our Lullabies aims to fill a gap in the online cultural offer for young audiences, proposing poetic and contemplative works, as a counterpoint to what is mostly broadcasted by the major digital media. Our goals are to raise awareness in the community and develop a collective intelligence on the digital creations for children.

Our Lullabies received a grant from the CALQ in the Exploration and Digital Deployment program and support from the cooperative Spira.

Thanks to the Mois Multi and the CUBE for their welcome as part of our reflexive activities in digital creation for young audiences.

Thanks to Michel Boucher from the École des arts visuels de l’Université Laval.

Thanks to Constance Therrien, Michèle Renaut, Mélissa Paquet, Saïa Martin-Paquet, Plaquie Zion and Elea Mini-Mini for their appearances

Thanks to Milutin Gubash and Guillaume Arseneault pour leurs participations sonores et à Marie-Hélène Poitras pour l’écoute sensible et éclairante pour l’œuvre Soudain l’été

Merci aux enfants qui nous ont offert leur regard à différentes étapes de la création.


Creation and production

Les Incomplètes


Artistic directors

Audrey Marchand et Laurence P Lafaille


Written by

Marie-Andrée Gill, Suzanne Lebeau, Anne-Marie Olivier, Elkahna Talbi


Illustrator / literary work

Carol-Ann Belzil-Normand



Lise Castonguay, Marie-Andrée Gill, Anne-Marie Olivier, Elkahna Talbi


Sound designers

Diane Labrosse, Myriam Lambert, Nady Larchet, Ariane Plante


Illustrator / audio pieces

Catherine Lepage


Video creator

Josiane Roberge


Sound designer

Simon Elmaleh


Global narration

Linda Laplante


Web design and collages

Rachel Trudeau


Web Team

Olivier Leblanc

Fabien Gagnon

Carl Gauthier

Mehdi Ould Tufeil



Digital content

Catherine Chagnon et Ulysse Ruel


Ethical content

Mathieu Gagnon


Psychology and child development

Adeline Dubreu




Linda Côté, Béatrice Doré, Madeleine Landry, Rose Lemoine, Annie Loiseau


Director of photography -Unes et Ce pays où nous irons tous

Mathieu Huard


Sound recording

Josué Beaucage



Marie Claude Taschereau


Cultural mediation

Gaëlle Généreux